Camping time – why camping is fun for kids

Camping is one good way to get away from it all, with little expense, and still have a great time doing so! Nothing is more relaxing that knowing that all you have to do that day is cook a few meals. The rest of the time is spent enjoying the kids, sitting back in a chair reading, chatting or reflecting while the kids entertain themselves in a safe environment. For someone who doesn’t tend to stop very often, this type of holiday is incredibly relaxing.

Five reasons to go camping:

It allows kids just to be kidsdmmvslmvlsdmvlsmdvlmsldvmlsdmvlsdlvmsdvsdvsdvsdv

When we remove kids from the technology, they get to do what comes naturally to them. Believe or not it is natural to play, create and interact positively with others. It is delightful seeing kids enjoying the freedom that camping provides by creating games and ways to entertain themselves. Who ever thought sticks could be so much fun? Bush camping presents, even more, opportunities for kids to explore and discover if you are game enough to introduce them to the great outdoors!

It gives them opportunity to develop new skills

Teamwork, organization, social skills, physical to find out more about name a few!

It builds social confidence and skills

Camping is very social whether you choose to camp with friends or just as a family. At a campsite, there are always plenty of kids around. Kids can’t help but engage with others and build friendships. This builds their social confidence and social skills.

It allows kids to learn more about themselves through escaping popular culture

When children escape modern culture, they are forced to find out more about themselves and who they are. This is providing that technology and large amounts of branded merchandise don’t accompany you!

It encourages kids to be active and physical

Following day one of our recent trip, the kids were eknskdnvkdnvksndvksnvsdkvskdvsdvsdvsdvsdvxhausted. They had spent an entire day running from our site to the jumpy pillow, to the playground, to playing poison ball with dad and having water fights with the family from the neighboring site. Everything was active and physical which is so right for them!

This is something I learned from my most recent trip. Although we didn’t bring any technology, my boys still brought some branded coloring books. The one and only argument we encountered on the journey was over which ‘brand’ was better. This created division within the group and reminded me why significant amounts of branded merchandise are not good for kids.