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Proven Weight Loss Methods

There are endless, meals replacement plans, supplements, and diets that can help you in shedding the excess weight. Most of these methods are effective and also backed by science. You should avoid implementing plans that are lack scientific evidence yet they claim that can guarantee rapid weight loss. This post is going to share the practical, natural weight loss strategies that you should consider. They include;

Tracking Your Exercise and Diet

Anyone who wants to lose weight should be well-versed with what he/she should consume each day. Logging the items you consume is the best way of doing this. Total Shape’s Facebook suggest that people should strictly follow their diet and meal plans for them to achieve their weight loss goals.


There are many health apps that can help you manage your diet. The most popular apps include apps for physical activity, nutrition, and weight loss. Tracking your weight loss progress and physical activities is an effective method of managing your weight.

Intermittent Fasting

With intermittent fasting, one should follow a diet plan that has short term fasts. You can lose you r body weight by following this plan for a period of six months. Some of the conventional methods supported in intermittent fasting include;

  • Alternate day fasting– this involves fasting on some days and regularly eating when not fasting. With the modified version, one should consume about 25 % of his/her body’s energy needs when fasting.
  • The 16/8 method– You should fast for about sixteen hours and eat during the eight-hour window.
  • The 5:2 diet– This plan involves fasting on two days every week. You should consume up to 600 calories daily while fasting. In addition to this, you should avoid over-eating on non-fasting days.

Eating Mindfully

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This involves paying attention to where and how you eat food. People can easily manage their weight by eating the foods they enjoy. People who have busy schedules often tend to take their meals quickly, in the car, on the run or when working at their office desks. Some of the mindful eating techniques that you must consider include;

  • Eating slowly– You should always take your time to savor and eat food. Doing this will give your brain time to recognize that you are full, and thus prevent overeating.
  • Sitting down when eating– It is advisable to pay attention while eating for you to enjoy the experience.
  • Avoid unnecessary movements or distractions while eating– Avoid turning on the phone, TV, or laptop while eating.
  • Making the right Food choices– You should choose a diet full of nutrients. Such a diet can satisfy you for several hours.